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Monetization Opportunities

Buy Kick Followers to enhance your social media influence.

With a large following, you may be eligible to participate in Kick's affiliate programs. This can include revenue-sharing through subscriptions & more.

Community Engagement

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A larger following provides a vibrant community with more opportunities for engagement. A thriving chat and active community contribute to a more enjoyable streaming experience for both you and your viewers.


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A large following can enhance your perceived authority and influence within your niche. People may be more likely to trust and engage with your content if they see that you have a substantial following.

Increased Subscriber Count​

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Many streaming platforms like Kick offer subscriber programs where viewers can support you through monthly subscriptions. A larger following means a potentially higher number of subscribers, increasing your revenue.


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Companies may be more interested in collaborating with you for sponsored content or partnerships if you have a significant following. This can open up additional revenue streams.

Opportunities for Special Events

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With a large following, hosting special events like giveaways, Q&A sessions, or exclusive streams becomes more engaging and impactful, leading to increased participation.


ask us

Yes. The goal of stream promotion is to attract more viewers, engage with the audience, and build a loyal community of followers.
Embedding a stream refers to the process of integrating a live stream into a website, blog, or another digital platform.
This allows visitors to your website or application to watch, for example, a Twitch or Kick stream without leaving your site. Every streaming platform provides an embed code that you can insert into the HTML of your webpage to achieve this. Visitors to your webpage will be able to watch the embedded stream in real-time, interact with the stream (if you’ve enabled chat), and follow the streamer or channel directly from your site. Embedding streams is a common practice for websites and blogs that cover gaming or esports content or for streamers who want to showcase their live content to their website visitors.
Supporting a community refers to actively participating in, contributing to, and nurturing a group of individuals who might share common interests, goals, or characteristics as you do. Which means, whoever follows you, are typically interested in what you have to offer and your content regardless if you are just a beginner. Engaging with a community can lead to personal growth and development. Learning from others, sharing experiences, and receiving feedback can enhance skills, knowledge, and self-confidence.
Yes, it does. Number of followers is written on a plan. Number of followers are calculated from previous experiences and advertising methods.
No, there are NO bots that spam unnatural words, prewritten sentences or any type of malicious comments.
Twitch and Kick are continuously enhancing their security measures to combat these types of deceitful services. Such fake views can put streamers in a difficult position, resulting in account restrictions, IP bans and a huge drop in follower count. If you have ever bought bot followers or noticed someone else doing so, you may have experienced a significant decrease in followers after a brief period. This is because the platform deletes the account, and your stream cannot be found via search or pages as you could be Shadowbanned. This can be frustrating, given the effort and money invested in obtaining these bot followers for just a few dollars. It is essential to be cautious of misleading services that may compromise your channel. Followers cannot be “delivered” instantly and be considered organic/real.
We take pride in informing you that none of our clients have ever had any issues with their accounts or followers. This is a testament to our commitment to providing zero-risk services. Our clients trust us and always come back.
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PromoteStream started small on Fiverr, but it quickly grew to become the top choice among many customers. With a commitment to excellence and a perfect 5-star rating, PromoteStream surpassed all competitors and earned the prestigious “Top Seller” and “Fiverr’s Choice” awards. To better serve its customers, PromoteStream launched its own website and quickly became the best in the business. With over 6,500 orders fulfilled for such a short time, PromoteStream takes pride in inspiring others to strive for excellence and to never settle for less.

At PromoteStream, we specialize in organic Kick followers and views growth. Unlike quick-fix solutions that may provide temporary spikes, we focus on sustainable and authentic growth strategies. By leveraging proven techniques and algorithms, we ensure that your social media presence flourishes naturally, reaching the right audience who genuinely connects with your content on Kick.

Our services extend beyond mere growth; we empower our clients to become influencers and affiliates on social media platforms. As your audience expands, so does the potential for collaboration and partnership opportunities. PromoteStream provides the platform for clients to seamlessly transition into affiliates, opening doors to sponsored content, partnerships, and revenue streams.

Main features:

Here are a few of the main features why you should choose PromoteStream.



It’s a super cool streaming platform that offers some of the same features as Twitch, YouTube Live, and Facebook Live. You can subscribe to your favorite creators’ channels, send them tips, and join in on their HD-quality live streams. It’s still in beta mode, but it’s definitely worth checking out!

Kick offers more interactive features such as live polls, Q&A sessions, and chat-based games. Additionally, Kick has a strong focus on community building, providing tools for creators to engage with and grow their audience. All of these factors make the Kick vs Twitch debate more nuanced than it might initially seem. Overall, Kick is a platform that is worth checking out if you’re a creator looking for a more supportive and engaging streaming experience.

Kick is a platform similar to Twitch that offers a range of categories for streaming and browsing. These categories include:

  • Games: This category comprises of various games like single-player story games and Esports tournaments.
  • IRL: This category includes everyday content such as pools, ASMR, travel, and outdoors.
  • Music: This category covers a range of music-related streams, such as DJ sets, acoustic streams, and dance classes.
  • Gambling: This is an 18+ section, and we’ll discuss it in detail later.
  • Creative: This category includes a wide range of creative skills, such as drawing, programming, arts and crafts, and more.
  • Alternative: This category is for content that doesn’t fit anywhere else, such as watch parties, ‘just sleeping’ (Google it), and other similar categories.

Kick’s moderation process is lenient, but violence, fraud, drugs, discrimination, and copyright infringement can lead to sanctions. Twitch has strict policies against NSFW content, and some streamers have been incorrectly flagged. Check out our catalog of 40,000 royalty-free tracks for your streams.

To join Kick’s Affiliate program, you need 75 followers and 5 total streamed hours. On the other hand, Twitch requires a slightly higher threshold for monetization. To become a Twitch Affiliate, for example, you need to have streamed at least 500 minutes – more than 8 hours – in the past 30 days.

As a Kick affiliate, you’ll have access to some exciting opportunities that can help you take your content to the next level.

For starters, you can enable subscriptions and earn revenue from your loyal subscribers. This means you can have a consistent income for your stream, which is a great way to support your creative endeavors.

What’s more, your subscribers will get access to exclusive features like Kick sub emotes and sub badges, giving them a unique way to show their support for you.

As a Kick affiliate, you can upload up to 24 exclusive subscriber-only emotes, which can be used across all channels on Kick. Your active subscribers will love using these cool emotes and feel more connected to you than ever before. Additionally, you can enable sub badges, which are icons that your loyal viewers can display next to their names in the chat.

You can even upload custom graphics for these badges, making them unique to your channel. So what are you waiting for?

Join Kick today and take the first step towards monetizing your content and building a stronger relationship with your viewers!

If you’re a content creator on Kick, you can earn money and connect with your followers in exciting ways. By meeting the requirements and enabling subscriptions, you can earn revenue from your content and build a loyal community of subscribers. But if you’re not interested in making money through streaming, becoming a Kick affiliate is optional. However, using emotes and sub badges is a great way to show your community that you appreciate their support during the stream.


Everything went perfectly, one guy in stream helped me during game which was so cool. Then I knew promo was def legit. Will come back for sure.👌🏾
Trustpilot user
Kick Streamer 🇺🇸
This service is amazing. I've been streaming on twitch for about a year and I took a break for a year. I wanted to have a good stream coming back to twitch and getting this service was an awesome decision. There were real people in the chat, everyone was super nice. I'm definitely getting this again. You get a steady stream of views and it helped reignite my love for streaming.
fiverr USER
Twitch streamer 🇺🇸
Went above and beyond for my Twitch campaign. Thank you so much for strong and amazing communication to help make this gig a success, really do appriciate it.
fiverr USER
Twitch Streamer 🇨🇦

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Awesome Dlive promotion i am verry happy


If you're busy but still want to grow your Dlive channel, go for it!

If you’re busy but still want to grow your Dlive channel this is good for u especially when dlive is kinda horrible for new streamers


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Ich habe mich entschieden, Dlive Followers zu kaufen, und es war eine großartige Entscheidung! 🎮 Die Follower haben meinem Kanal den nötigen Schub gegeben, um sichtbarer zu werden. Seitdem habe ich mehr echte Zuschauer und eine lebendigere Community. Kann es nur empfehlen!


Dlive followers

Highly recommend for anyone serious about their growth on Dlive



yo, i gotta say, buying dlive followers was pretty chill. my channel’s been growing slow but after getting some followers, it picked up a bit. not a magic fix or anything but def helps to get the ball rolling. so if you’re just starting out, give it a shot


Very satisfied

Very satisfied


Worth every penny!

Perfect service for anyone looking to expand their reach on Rumble especially if you are looking for USA audience


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my Rumble channel needed a boost, and these followers provided just that

fast delivery and excellent support throughout the process 💪



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